Capture the likeness and spirit of your dog in the time lasting tradition of oils. The value of your purchase will only increase, both in terms of your own pleasure and as a treasure to pass on for future generations to enjoy.

It all starts with the photo. So many possibilities! Perhaps you are already certain of your choice, but if you're in the process of taking that gem now, here are some factors to consider.

- Up close increasses the likelihood of capuring a resemblence. If you're not just aiming for a facial portrait, try to include the entire body. Tails and paws are wonderfully descriptive features.
- Flash distorts color and makes rendering the eyes next to impossible.
- Early or late sun works well.
- It takes many, many photos to get one good one, so click away. Explore different levels. Get up on a chair or try getting a dog's eye perspective.
- You and I will agree on the final composition. We can add to, or subtract from, your chosen image.
- As well as achieving the unmistakable likeness of your dog, I'm here to satify your tastes along with choosing a style that best fits your dog's personality. My base is classic realism, leaving open a wide range for mood and attitude to develop.

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